Selecting the right Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues

One of the most important choices for your big day is the Wedding Venue.

There are lots of alternatives available today – here are some ideas and tips to help you make a choice.

Halls and Hotels –

A grand hall with magnificent architectural qualities set in amazing grounds may be your choice – these are always owned by private landowners, who may hire out their homes for a few weddings a year. The price will reflect this.

The ones that hire out their homes regularly for wedding hire, will normally have a wedding license, where a registrar will be booked for your day and in a certain room in the house (which has been licensed for marriages) you will be able to hold your wedding ceremony here.

Usually the House or hall will have a team of event planners available to you – however- you may also be required to use their caterers, florists and other suppliers, thus taking decisions out of your hands – and sometimes at premium prices – this will impact on your budget.  Always check  EXACTLY what is included in the price and how long the hire period is.

Ask if they have facilities for you both – i.e. a room where you can freshen up or even change for your evening reception,  what time is the reception to run for – can they cater for this or do they have restrictions – live music or DJ can you select your own for example.

Are you allowed to come in the day before and add your personal theme to the room? What time do you have to vacate? How many weddings do they cater for in one day?

Often in large hotels they can have 2 or more weddings running at the same time – so you will need to make sure that your guests know where you will be – what rooms you are using and so on.

These venues will quote you a price per head so that you know what is included ask for a fully comprehensive quote.

Locations and Settings

Unusual, different, creative, blank canvas are just some of the words used to describe this type of ‘venue’ for your wedding day.

Everything from a  field in the middle of nowhere to the beautiful College Barn or Mill – decorated how you want, themed as you want and normally with you’re your own entertainment suppliers – each location is different offering different looks and ideas. Some will have lakes and ponds, some will have Barns or thatched open barns, grounds that are manicured to within an inch or a field left to grow and be specifically cut for your day – woodlands with clearings for your marquee or tents. Camping areas and Bell tents for hire – prices do vary and you will need to ensure that what budget you have in mind is substantial enough – as often structures need to be hired i.e. marquees, giant tipis just to name a few. Luxury toilets and on some occasions generators to supply the electricity – but do bear in mind that you can have a wonderful wedding in the middle of the field or the woods, you can hire in everything that you require, but for this type of wedding I would recommend  that  you use a planner with experience in this field (Best-Events Locations and Settings is one I recommend) to ensure that the suppliers have a plan to adhere to – ensuring that everything runs to a plan) –

Your back garden is also an option – no planning permission is required but certain provisions are required – speak to us for more details….

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